Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is Silent Hill...?

I decided to post the Book of Lost Memories... This book tells you everything you need or want to know about the famous little town known as Silent Hill. Click on the images to make them larger and clearly visible.
Series Overview
Silent Hill Area Map
History Of Silent Hill
Alessa's History

Character relation chart

Silent Hill 1 story preview
Silent hill 1 character commentary
Silent Hill 1 creature commentary

Silent Hill 1 ending analysis
Silent Hill 2 story preview
Silent Hill 2 Character commentary
Silent Hill 2 creature commentary
Silent Hill 2 Ending analysis

Silent Hill 3 Story Preview
Silent Hill 3 commentary
Silent Hill 3 character commentary
Silent Hill 3 ending analysis
The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor & The Hierophant
The Lovers & The Chariot
Strength & The Hermit
The wheel of fortune
Justice & The Hanged man
Death & Temperance
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon & The Sun
The Eye Of Night
Judgement & The World

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