Thursday, June 30, 2011

The story of Silent Hill 4: The Room

A lot of people didn't like Silent Hill 4, but I do. Why? because the story was very good.. There were some bad parts such as the main character feeling cold and a bit stiff like a robot, But the story was still amazing. What happened to Walter and what he wished to gain made sense to him because he was raised around the cult that engulfed Silent Hill. Walter needed to kill 21 people for a ritual to get his "mother" back. The story is a bit complex, but if you play the game it be best to get ALL documents that are in the game for a clear understanding. As evil as Walter is I still can't help but feel sorry for him and his upbringing. It really shows you that a child's upbringing is important and that they truly absorb the information that is told to them.

How wrong is Walter for killing these people if he was raised by this cult who wanted him for his powers and gifts. The cult raised him to believe in this god and in these rituals that he was to perform. If in his life he grew and escaped from the years of abuse and wanted love, wanted his mother, wanted that warmth and comfort. Why would he not use what he learned? Use what the cult told him was a good thing in order to satisfy his wants.

When life kicks you over and over again do you give up and kill yourself? or do you do something about it? I decided to post up some of Walters victims and some of their info. Also know that Walter has these powers to create this world within his mind and transport his victims there. He has very little control of it and so when you run into him in the game you see him occasionally killing his own monsters.. looks a little funny seeing him fight his own demons...

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