Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was told about xiaorishu from a friend of mine named kenny. It started with the conversation about me wanting to go to the UK. Kenny said he knew some people from the UK and me being a nosy person I asked him "how did you meet people from the UK?" Kenny said he met some of them from xiaorishu and he met xiaorishu from youtube. He sent me a link to her channel on youtube and I watched her videos and then FELL IN LOOOOVE!. she is so cute and adorable! she sounds like pikachu! I recommend people to watch her videos because she is so funny.

Her videos are of topics I am assuming are in the news or about something someone asked her or about random things, etc. Every topic she discusses are entertaining and funny even if the topic is serious. Her style is very cool and I love her hair I wish I could see what her closet looks like.... I make sure to look for any new videos from her and it seems like she has such a cool and bubbly personality, but since I don't actually know her I really can't say.

Here is the link to her facebook page and youtube channels.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A-1 - Black And Mellow (Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow Remix)

A-1 - Black Ranger (Official Video)

A-1 "You Say (Pimps) Ft. Big Sir

A-1 - Be Cool (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Prod. by WooStaar feat. Raoul Aguilera

A-1 - All That! feat. TLC (The Nickelodeon Song) Prod. by A-1

A-1 - Charizard (Pokémon Theme Song) "After School Special" (Prod. by Sac Masta)

Snapple top facts

Each new fact from every Snapple bottle I drink.

Real facts:

#902 Barbie's real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts

#870 President Warren G. Harding lost White House china in a poker game

#861 South Carolina is home to the first tea farm in the U.S

#794 Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States, and Zabriskien Point, the lowest point in the United States, are less than eighty miles apart

#769 If the sheep and a goat mate the offspring is called a geep

Lollipop Chainsaw