Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Silent Hill: Downpour

A new Silent Hill and this one HOPEFULLY will be good! because every silent hill since origin has been a piece of shit. Let me give you a brief description of the intro of this new Silent Hill Title....

"The game features a new protagonist, Murphy. (Murphy Pendleton, to be more exact.) Murphy is a prisoner aboard a bus full of inmates that crashes in an eerie forest. The demo opens with brief shots of the bus speeding down a road as rain floods from the darkness above. We see a few choice shots of the bearded Murphy and a police officer fall to her death, before the game deposits us, as Murphy, onto the road--shaken but definitely not dead. " - Kevin VanOrd, GameSpot

This time around the monsters are suppose to relate to the character just like in the old Silent Hill games. The game is also an average of 10 hours long if played straight, but in this Silent Hill there are going to be side quest that you can do. I am very interested to see these little "side quest" if they relate to Murphy or the people around him or even his involvement with Silent Hill.

The fact is that when it comes to Silent Hill you have these powers or some psychological problem. Silent Hill two was a psychological issue while 1, 2 and 4 were more about the cult and the "special" children that the cult kept. In the new game I want to know if it will be something that is in his head or something that he is just dreaming about and I have a gut feeling it will be something psychological.

I don't have HUGE hopes for it but I would be willing not to give it a try when the game comes out, BUT when the price drops drastically enough for me to bother purchasing it. Here are some videos:

I also hate how the new Silent Hills have a lot of combat and combat takes away the scare... why? simple! because if you can fight then wtf is there to fear?

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